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The IQ Solar-CRM module can be implemented as a stand-alone module or integrated to the management tool.

It can manage your leads in bulk or individually assigning to sales units or representatives. Directly from the lead suppliers, you can distil data received in bulk into an ordered, and simplified form.

You can use the product to manage your pricing structure, your document flow and sales presentations, among many other facets.

As well as producing a concise, standard quotation, you will be able to link quotations to the documents you have already defined within Microsoft Word. Rather than labouring for hours, you will be producing compelling quotations within moments.

You will produce on-screen and hard copy analyses of payback periods and returns on investment.

IQ Solar CRM will subsequently manage your contacts through until eventual order.More Information ....

The IQ Solar Management module combines ease of use with rich functionality.

It will ensure that the Solar Installer meets the demands and standards of a maturing and increasingly demanding market.

The product is underpinned by a customisable workflow management, meaning that you shape the product around your own processes. You specify the sequence of these processes, and determine the events that take place upon their completion. This may include the generation of certain documents, or sending an email or text message to a colleague, agent or client.

Combined with IQ Solar Sales and / or CRM, this suite of modules covers your entire business process, starting with receipt of the sales lead, presenting the proposition to your client, processing and appraisal of the order, issuing of equipment, management of the stock order, management of scaffold and installation staff or agencies, through to completion and payment of sales commissions.

“A one-stop-shop for your business management”

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The IQ Solar-Sales module, is an essential aid to sales representatives in the presentation of the business case for PV solar to the prospective client.

You will be able to record contact details, create proposals to include performance factors, shade, orientation, inverter etc.

You will present variable payback analysis to reinforce your proposals.

You can produce quotations at the the press of a button, and of course have a complete audit of the clients seen and proposals discussed.

Finally, when you have Internet access, you can forward details of any order to your administrative staff for processing.

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Note:- Some installers, that do not hold stock may benefit from the use of the CRM and sales modules only.