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"Since we implemented IQ Solar we have seen daily workloads reduce and employee productivity and efficiency rise. Prior to IQ Solar we were using a combination of pen, paper and spreadsheet. We had to make changes quickly.

Lewis John were on hand, and with a solution to our problems. We needed something sufficiently flexible, that would fit into our business rather than something that our business would fit around.

Since identifying LJA as our chosen partner, we have worked closely with them and, from a ‘business’ point of view, it has been a hugely productive process. Having a centralised customer management system has benefited not only the company as a whole, but also each individual member of staff. New development is carefully planned at regular meetings, potential issues identified and solutions arrived at quickly. Any development work is usually undertaken promptly and implemented seamlessly.

In regard to support, LJA are only a phone call away and we have never experienced issues which last longer than a few days.


For me, as Systems Manager, I can rest safe in the knowledge that if we need new development we can turn around a quick fire solution within days and issues will be dealt with immediately whether I am in the office or away on holiday. Every member of staff has access to LJA and we can never ask too much.

LJA and IQ Solar were the perfect solution to our pen and paper nightmare."

We are expert in the design, development and implementation of bespoke software solutions. With more than 12 years experience in application development, across a broad range of industries, for small businesses and corporate clients, we take the risk out of your investment and provide products precisely suited to your business requirements.

Everything we do is focused on providing our clients with a cost effective solution to their business needs.



Every one of the many business applications developed over the years by Lewis John has at its core ‘the customer record’. All functions associated with that such as various methods of contact, system of reminders, categorization and where they are in the sales process are already built in to these and future applications. All that remains is what you do differently, and we just tag those onto the existing framework. Automating those processes will not only save you time and money, but will also maximise sales and help you deliver a more efficient service to existing clients.

More than 75% of our business arrives from recommendations. Indeed, as prospective clients we are happy for you to contact any or all of our customers to hear what they say. A common concern with new software applications is that they can go wrong. Well yes, they can, but if they do we are here to help and support you. To help reassure you, no support fees will be charged during the initial phase of operation. We will also provide a free initial consultation, one which ultimately could save you a great deal of time and money.